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Service - Service

Yosi provides customer with a complete set of customer service. We are highly aware that "No good support, no long term customer". If the following support cannot meet your needs , please consult with us about your special needs. We will do our best to respond to your request.

1.Each set of die is traced after delivery. A feedback form is required for customers to fill in, in order to help us master the detailed die status in the first run, repair and producton in time, as a result, we are able to improve and enhance die quality, and eventually provide the highest quality die to customers. You download feedback form or fill in below online form.

2.YOSI is able to send a die corrector to customers' site to help customers resolve production issues if required (extra cost may apply).

3.Assist customers to resolve the difficulty within alumnium production and provide suggestion to aluminum manufacturing.

4.YOSI is capable of offering our customers the following as we have good connections within the industry.

Materials introducing manufactories and agency which provides aluminum manufacturing equipment in China.

Materials introducing engineers in casting, extrusion, oxidation, painting and die correcting, etc in China.

As the representative of your company help purchase equipment/products in China.