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Yosi Die is made from Japan die steel KDAI produced by Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd. in Japan. Japan KADI steel has an excellent attribute of being resistant to thermal fatigue,machinability, grindability, minimizing softening of the die and increasing fracture toughness, which guarantees the die's longevity and lowers the use cost.

According to the data gathering from production, the longevity of die made in KADI is 50%-100% more than that made in domestic steel while the price is only 10%-15% higher which greatly reduces the die use cost in alumimum manufacture. Also, the die manufactured in KAD1 is capable of producing more complicated and more challenging aluminum section. In order to cordinate the KDAI use, the Japanese company Koshuha sent the heat treatment expert to our plant to supervise the art of heat treatment. They recognize the YOSI heat treatment quality achieves the Japan enterprise level and can sufficiently guarantee the steel's proper use.

Significant improvement in die life Reduce use cost.

1.Superior resistance to thermal fatigure

● Better Resistance to thermal chap.copared to SKD61.

● Superior inner minuteness structure and orientationless.

2.Excellent toughness

● 80% toughness over SKD61

3.Excellent resistance to softeness .

● Two times resistance to heat softeness than SKD61's,high hardness's maintaining time longer than SKD61 .

KDA1 is the improved tool steel KDA(equal to SKD61) in strength, toughness in respect to high temperture performance.

Note: KDA1 is the Japanese trademark, the American trademark is H13.

KDA1's Heat treatment characteristics:

Metamophism 800℃~880℃
 Ms point 260℃(A.T.1025℃)
Quench Preheat temperature 800℃~830℃ 30min/25mm*
Termpering temperature 1000℃~1050℃ 30min/25mm*
Temper tempering temperature 570 ℃~600℃ 60min/25mm*
Quench tempering hardness HRC44~52