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Procedure - Order

If you need our timely and accurate price quote, you can fill in the following form and attach drawings, by fax or E-mail way to tell us, we will promptly contact you.

If you are a new customer to YOSI we require:
★ Product drawings ★ The data of extrusion machines include
★ Size of aluminum bars and trademark of aluminum alloy ★ Tonnage of extrusion machines and size of extrusion rollers
★ Die sleeves ★ Special matt
★ Exterior size of dies ★ Other special requirements
★ Normal extrusion speed ★ Contact ways and person

If you are an existing customer of YOSI, and the above information has been provided, then the information required is:

If you are new customers, we need to understand the situation:
☆ Die Order (Die Code, Drawing code, size and quantity of dies)
☆ To make a bolster/ backer or fit existing backer
☆ Billet diameter and press size
☆ Geometry drawing for alloy (sent by e-mail preferred)
☆ Ship date
☆ Ship method
☆ Special Information/requirements